At last! Sit at your PC and create mobile apps for almost any platform (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) using a single development package.

You can now write your own programs to run on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Better still, once you have created a program that runs on one platform, it can be run on almost all others without any changes to your code.

The Game Creator's App Game Kit (AGK) software is a major breakthrough in multi-platform programming.

Working in a dialect of BASIC programming language, Hands On AGK2 BASIC will take you from absolute beginner to advanced programmer in easy, step-by-step stages. Learning with Hands on AGK2 BASIC (Volumes 1 and 2) is an active process with many activities for you to carry out as you work through the book - and full solutions are included.

In Hands On AGK BASIC you'll learn such things as:

and a whole lot more.