Computer Programming for School Teachers


There has been a demand in the past few years for school children of almost all ages to become familar with the basics of computer programming. However, few school teachers will have had any in-depth formal training in that area.

Computer Programming for School Teachers has been created specifically for teachers who want to gain that in-depth knowledge of programming so that they can feel confident when presenting the topic to their pupils.

Like all Digital Skills titles, the book uses a step-by-step, activity-based approach ensuring that the reader gains a good understanding of the topics being presented and is fully engaged in the learning process. The book assumes absolutely no previous knowledge of programming or any other aspect of software development. Each section of the book contains a set of activities to ensure, not only that the reader is playing an active role in the learning process, but also to reinforce understanding and retention. And, of course, there are solutions for every activity where appropriate.

For a free copy of the first 8 chapters, click on the link in the Sample page (click on the Sample button near the top of this page).

This book is a cut-down version of Hands On AGK2 BASIC Volume 1 since its aim is to give readers a good grounding in the fundamentals of programming rather than an all-encompassing knowledge of AGK2 BASIC.