Purchase Details

All payments are done through PayPal which gives you the highest possible security. You don't need a PayPal account to make a payment. If you don't have an account, Paypal will simply ask for your credit card details during the purchase process.

Some books are available in both printed and ebook(PDF) formats, others in ebook(PDF) format only. To purchase, click on the appropriate option shown above.

Printed books

Printed books are approximately 20cm (8 inches) by 27cm (10.5 inches) and vary from 380 pages to 780 pages.

Unfortunately, the weight and size of the books means that postage is expensive outside the UK and particularly outside the EU. For example, it costs over 23.00GBP (about $35.00) to post a AGK BASIC book to the USA. A book will typically take 2 weeks to arrive in the USA but has been known to take up to 4 weeks!

Because postage varies from country to country, please ensure that you select the correct location option when purchasing a printed book.

After we have been informed of your payment by PayPal (which may take a few hours), we will email you to confirm your order and supply an order reference number.

PLEASE NOTE: All books are printed in black and white.


All ebooks are currently created in PDF format and are best suited for viewing on larger tablets or PC screens. To view the books you will have to download a PDF reader or an app such as the Kindle reader. All these readers are free to download.

PDF format has been selected to ensure accurate positioning of the main diagrams, images and code examples included in the books. The PDF page layouts are identical to that of the printed books but are in colour throughout.

PLEASE NOTE: After you've made your PayPal payment it may be some hours before we receive the details. When your payment has been confirmed, we will send you details of how to download your ebook. Thank you for your patience.